Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Heart Google Reader

OK - I can be stubborn, especially when it comes to things my husband recommends. It's true, and I don't know why, except to say that it helps me to hold on to a sense of individuality. That sounds crazy and stupid as I write it but I guess it is what it is. This is why, even though he has used Google Reader since it was first launched, I have only just begun. Now I wonder why I waited so long, because, seriously, this is like the coolest thing ever! I love it so much I feel like I am now part of a weird cult, focused on converting the world. But I promise not to go live in a cave like these people or visit a Scientology Celebrity Center. I did, however, make my parents sign up for it when they visited recently if only so I can stop emailing them updates to this blog. Hi Mom and Dad!

By the way, Mark is a total tech whiz and if you have any kind of question about what you can do online he is the guy to ask. This is weird since he used to hate computers but I guess we all can change. I have a game I play to try and find something before he knows about it but it hasn't happened yet!

Why do I love the google reader? It makes my life soo much easier and if I had friends I could dazzle them with my current events knowledge. Basically, instead of having to go to each blog or news site I like every day to see if they have anything new, all of that information comes to me, in one place and I can scan down to see whats new. I like blogs (as you can tell) and I even know several people personally who have a blog in addition to the many blogs of strangers that I read. Some update daily, some once a week and some once a month but now I can see it as soon as its posted! I also subscribe to several mainstream and not so mainstream media sites like Slate, New York Times and of course, People Magazine. All together I have 44 subscription in 5 self-made categories (cooking, crafts, news, people, museum stuff) and I read about 200 headlines a day. I only read about half of those actual posts and even then often skim the contents but this way I know I am not missing anything. I can star my favorite posts for reference later, email them or share them on my blog, which you can see on the lower left side. The cooking sites are great for saving recipes and making grocery lists. I only share recipes we have tried and love in case you are interested (The Dublin Coddle was awesome and the Coconut, Corn and Black Bean soup is so good we've made it several times including tonight!).

I used to have a podcast obsession but my computer is slow and itunes always has to update software so every time I wanted to load up my ipod it took a gazillion hours and was impossible to use my computer for anything else. I still like pod casts but don't update weekly like I used to. They were great for the commute. If you are still not convince, check out this video RSS in plain english

Also new is my Wishpot widget which is really just fun for me to look at, I know you don't care about what stuff I want. Wishpot is an online registry but you can pull from any store on the web! I love my Amazon wish list but this is better. Mostly I save things I will eventually buy so I know where to find them again.

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