Thursday, April 17, 2008


I feel I should do another craft update for y'all but the truth is there is nothing to update. I did FINALLY set up my sewing machine, make a bobbin and thread the needle. It only took me 2 months. I made a fast draw string bag to test it out with my black thread and recycled ivory sheet from my fabric bag. It works and I do remember how to sew. Just don't ask to see the bag.

I have been taking a craft brake to read more and watch the entire first season of "The Riches" on DVD from netflix. Also have been hooked on "The Tudors" and "John Adams". That shouldn't take so much time except for the fact that I am a history nerd so I become engrossed in the real history of England and America and each episode requires large amounts of research mostly on Wikipedia or in the books on our shelves. Reading World Without End also doesn't help because now I have to look up both Medieval and Tudor history. I learned all about the Black Plague today. There's a conversation starter.

Speaking of American history, at work today I had a conversation about George Washington with the visiting second graders from Cecil Elementary. After learning that the Leap Frog can in fact give you the names of ALL the U.S. presidents, one student asked if I knew who the NEXT president will be. I said I didn't because we haven't voted yet but wouldn't it be great if I did know? The students seemed to know because they all began to shout, "I do, OBAMA!!!!" Bless them.

Anyway, because of my current lack of craft mojo I thought I would share with you some of the projects starred on my google reader to perhaps try at a later date. So far there is enough to keep me busy for the rest of my life, if only I didn't have to work.

Clothing crafts: update a vintage cardigan Like this one or perhaps a keyhole sweater. This reversible wrap skirt would be great for summer.

Bags: I love bags and I have a whole bunch of patterns to try, Here, or this fast bag or these.

Home Goods: oilcloth placemats, ironing board cover, tin can organizers , laundry soap or green cleaning kit

Or I could just create public space art like this or this

And I am closely following the crafting world boxing match of Indie Craft vs. the Establishment and you can too at Crafting a Green World or Extreme Craft

Tomorrow (or today?) is my Birthday so I may post more later.

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Peri Smith said...

Love this Beth!
Happy Birthday!
Aunt Peri