Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What I did on my summer (mostly non-)vacation

  • The apartment complex decided to close the gym for renovations with no indication of when they would re-open. I took this as a sign to mean that the universe wanted me to spend the summer eating ice-cream and relaxing. This, it turns out, was a poor decision.
  • I joined ravelry, the online knitting community and promptly got addicted to all of the forums (Knitting AND Buffy? WHA?) but never actually knitted all summer.
  • I joined Burda Style and received favorable feedback from my few summer projects which spurred me to believe I was invincible - until the summer shirt disaster of late July. Patterns, it turns out, are useful.
  • One of those sewing projects was a gift for my friend's B-day (July 2) and it's still sitting on my dining room chair with the mailing envelope On Top Of It as if it will magically package and mail itself. Oh Gosh, how cool would that be?
  • I fell completely over the edge into becoming a total political junkie, recent events of the democratic convention and the Labor Day weekend had me glued to the Internet and the TV. Don't interrupt me.
  • I took a break from blogging. Don't interrupt me.
  • I baked A LOT of zucchini bread.
  • I cooked closed to 9 pounds of green beans in soups and sautees for every meal.
  • My Dad retired!
  • My parents moved!
  • I didn't actually have anything to do with those last two things unless you count the advice on moving a cat. Oh, and collecting all of my childhood memories in boxes in my dining room. I could open my own museum. FYI, my diary from 1989 is really not that interesting.
  • Successfully avoided the grant writing project I promised to do for the farm. Wanted to kill Mark every Saturday when he said "So, how's the grant writing going?" But, all good things come to an end and the grant is due this month.
  • Stupid Maryland has a stupid front license plate rule and the F---ing thing fell off! $120 and one police report later, we have new plates. One week after that, the original plate was turned into campus police and then returned to us. So now we have 4 Maryland plates. Too bad we can't sell 2 of them for, oh, I don't know, maybe $120!!!!!!
  • Went to Florida with the in-laws. This deserves a post on its own. Soon.
  • Seethed with anger every week as the parking lot at the train station slowly filled up. People, when you only have 1 minute to walk from your car to the platform, it's harder to do from the back of the lot. Make room. I refuse to get up earlier or spend less time watching the Today Show. Geesh, you'd think gas prices were high or something.
  • Seethed with anger as said light rail newbies ask stupid questions and nervously press the stop bell. People, it stops AT EVERY STATION. Relax.
  • My cat started to refer to us as "peeps." I wish she would stop.