Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Handmade Nation!

I finally got to see Handmade Nation last night! I have been hoping this documentary would come to Baltimore and it did! Sarah and I went after work and it was a really good film. I felt like a craft groupie when I got there and saw Faythe Levine in person! The film is a great look into the craft movement.

I have decided I am more of a craft wannabe instead of a true crafter because I like the IDEA of doing a project much more than actually completing them. I have about 3 sewing projects in process, one knitting project and an idea for a new embroidery project. Just haven't been in the mood to dive in for a while.

I have been more focused on cooking recently, as you can tell from my cake post. We haven't bought bread in like 2 months since I taught myself how to make it. I have even made up a great recipe for herb bread and the secret is garlic salt (which should be the secret to everything). I am also into using our CSA produce in new recipes, tonight I created my own recipe for roasted veggie pasta primavera with vegan cream sauce and I rocked it out. May post it but no pics.

Handmade Nation made me re-think my crafts again and I just might get back to them. Artscape is this weekend and this is the second year for the DIY tents so maybe I will just shop handmade instead.

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