Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Happy Earth day from Sesame Street and Paul Rudd.....and me!

Like most things in life, if you think about ALL the things you maybe should be doing it becomes overwhelming. I prefer to slowly incorporate small steps to change my ways and try not to feel guilty about what I am not doing. This year I have some new ideas for small changes.

Like this knitted reusable Swiffer pad because I love my Swiffer but need to cut down on my disposables.

While my attempts at knitting plastic bags did not go so well, I have new inspiration thanks to Modish but I probably won't attempt anything as ambitious as the world's first plastic bag billboard.

If you are anything like me you have about a million t-shirts around the house. Luckily there are about a million ideas for what to do with them. I am working on turning one into a skirt for summer weekends but I also like the idea of weaving them or even making a cool quilt.

Last but not least, I love the idea of using an Altoids tin to make a travel candle.

One last idea you might want to try, Meatless Monday!

Just remember one thing - Earth Rocks!


Katie said...

Joey has a little man crush on Paul Rudd and so when I was checking your blog and he was in the kitchen - he came running over to see it. Oh dear sweet Paul. He had a hard time dancing in that costume. You could tell he wanted to do more. Have you seen I Could Never Be Your Woman. He dances pretty cool in that. We watched Yes Man last night. With the Flight of the Conchords manager on it. He really should be in every movie. Anyway - peace out, earth rocks and stuff.

Beth said...

Ha! We just watched Role Models and I agree, Paul Rudd should be in every movie.

brooke said...

Unrelated to Earth Day, but I liked this and thought that anyone who loves history and lives near DC would probably like it too: