Monday, May 19, 2008

me, 2013

Cupcake and Unicorn, originally uploaded by cakespy.

I have been in a NyQuil fog for over a week and have been a bit behind in my googlereader so forgive my late awareness of this lovely gem from the esteemed Senator McCain. His dreamy avoidance of current affairs has led me to dream of my own "2013" The NyQuil also helps with this....

I live in a beautiful 16th century chateau right here in beautiful Maryland that I rehabbed myself after inheriting a fortune from my late distant relative I never knew existed. This paid off my debt and allowed me to quit my job too. I used some of the money to purchase a Unicorn (what? they don't exist? That horn is really a Narwhal tooth?) Not True! I found it on one of my recent visits to the past in my personal Time Machine. Don't believe everything you read in the history books.

Where's Mark you ask? Well, he no longer has a corporeal form ever since the Singularity.

Oh, John, you crazy cat.

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