Monday, May 26, 2008

Funny Pictures from Gettysburg

OK - so they did have a great exhibit but they also had some quirky stuff. The visitor center was quite large and I can imagine the endless staff meetings:
"So we have most of the space filled but there is this one corner we have to fill, any thoughts?"
"Um, I guess we could do battle photos in 3-D"
"Kids love 3-D"
"That's true""Put on the 3D Glasses and see for yourself!" Um, ok.

In addition to the visitor center we went to the Eisenhower Farm. We had to take a bus up to the farm and as we were waiting to go I noticed this:

Body Fluid
Cleanup Kit

I am thinking they don't pay the bus drivers enough.

The bus back did not have this kit on board, is that good or bad?

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