Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Love You Mommy!

4 generations, Mom is the little girl
This is Mother's Day weekend and also my Mom's Birthday.  When I was growing up it made perfect sense that her birthday was at the same time as Mother's Day, because that's what she was. It is also easy to remember.  But it must be hard to have them run together.  So, I celebrate Mom as a mom on Mother's day but I hope she knows I also celebrate her as a wonderful woman and whole person on her Birthday.

Mom taught me tons of stuff but mostly to tell a good story and add a little drama to everyday life.  It certainly makes things more interesting.  She is also an excellent singer. 

Me and Mom, it's the '70s don't judge.
Several years ago we went to Italy and that was so much fun because we got to act like friends too and see new things together. We went with her friends and they welcomed me to the gang and it was strange at first to be hanging out like that but also very cool. 

I don't get many chances to do that living so far away from her and I miss hanging out.  Happy Birthday Mom and thanks for being my Mom (and Steve's, I guess).

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Brooke said...

I've often thought if I had to pick a mom besides mine, yours would be at the top of my list.