Saturday, February 13, 2010


So, We just had back-to-back blizzards, have you heard? It's kinda newsworthy. I've only lived here 3 years but it seems like we get very little snow here. I like that.

Last Friday the BIG STORM was coming so we got out of work early and everyone was freaking out. I had gone to the grocery store the night before to stock up and it was super crowded with everyone buying essentials like hot cocoa and cheese doodles. Friday night we kept waiting for the snow and making fun and being a little disappointed because it didn't seem to be coming. Then it started. Mark was so excited he could barely sleep and kept jumping up to see what it looked like NOW.

The snow kept coming all day and it was very pretty and exciting and we were all settled in. Mark decided to go outside and check it out and I took a picture for fun and we laughed. That night Mark was playing fetch with the cat (it's true she loves to play but doesn't often bring the rubber band all the way back) He jumped up to pick the band off the floor and stubbed his toe. It hurt. A lot. But you have to remember that Mark complains about every little injury so his reaction was not necessarily indicative of the actual level of injury. I told him to quit bellyaching unless it starts to bruise. Well, it did, two toes and part of the foot, quite black and blue. He may actually have broken a toe. He called his Mom, the nurse, and we taped it up as per instructions. Snow storm not seeming so fun now.

Sunday we decided to try and dig ourselves out. But we didn't plan on that part. We had no snow shovel or shovel of any kind. I had a rubber broom (as seen on TV) that I never use because its not as cool as it seemed on TV. I also had a plastic dust pan. We took those things outside and Mark tried to push the snow off the car and I used the pan to shovel around the car. That lasted about a minute. My dust pan broke. We gave up. Nothing is open to purchase shovels. We went back inside. I started to feel trapped because in fact I was and that did not make me happy. We began bickering. But, thinking work would definitely be canceled and we would at least have a day off made us feel better. And it was, no work for us, suckers!

Monday I walked over to the hardware store (conveniently just across the street but even then I had to walk in the road because sidewalks no longer exist). They only had kid's size snow shovels. It's still better than what we started with so I bought it and trudged home. Mark and I took turns with the shovel even though he had to shove his broken toe into shoes and socks to do it. It took almost 5 hours to dig out the porch, sidewalk, and car. While Mark finished I took the car to the store to just get out and pick up a few things. I locked the door. Neither of us had our phones. Mark was locked out until I got back. He was not happy. That night we watched the news and learned about SNOWPOCALYPSE II: It's Not Funny Anymore. It was coming Tuesday night and all day Wednesday. Tuesday work was canceled and we might be out the rest of the week. You take the good with the bad I guess. at least I bought toilet paper at the store, and hummus. We got mail for the first time on Tuesday and I asked Mark if the postman was resentful to be trudging through the snow just to bring me a Rhode Island Novelties catalog.

Tuesday and Wednesday are a blur of boredom, local news alerts, Advil and pain. Pain in my arms, back and legs from shoveling all that snow. I am probably quite out of shape. The short shovel handle doesn't help either. I got very upset Wednesday when Days of Our Lives was cut in favor of constant snow news. Look - the governor is speaking, he says snow=bad stay off roads. Look - the mayor is speaking, snow=bad, stay off roads. GOT IT. Mark and I were not getting along, feeling very trapped, had a fight about rationing hummus. Mark's toe still hurts.

Thursday dawns and I am still in pain. Mark says we should shovel. I say no. Mark says if we have to work on Friday we need to shovel the car out. I say we are not going to work Friday and I don't feel like it. Mark's work announced they are closed through Sunday, hurrah! My work announced they will be open Friday, UGH. It's 4:00 and we have not started shoveling. I look outside and the snow fairies (or actual paid apartment groundskeepers) shoveled a narrow path from our front door to the street so there is something. We go out to shovel the car. It only took 2 hours this time.

I did go to work Friday. Roads are narrow with 10 foot walls of snow on either side and downtown snow is everywhere. But it was good to get out of the house. And talk to people. Mark's toe looks a lot better too. Friday the postman delivered my new InStyle magazine. My weekend was looking up.


Susan Iverson said...

I'm sorry but the whole scene brings tears of laughter to my eyes. I do hope Mark's toe is better though. It sounds like quite the experience. The aftermath of the snow, slush, running rivers of snowmelt, not so funny. Enjoy!

Aunt Peri said...

I love reading your stories! You are gifted! Sorry about all you both have been through! Too bad you can't send some of that moisture to Hawaii - Big Island which is 11" shy of their regular rainfall so far this year.

brooke said...

I laughed out loud about the fight about rationing hummus. Because I totally get it. I always imagine snow days as much more romantic than they actually are.