Tuesday, January 20, 2009


What a crazy, beautiful day! Why isn't this a national holiday? I so did not want to go to work today. I did think about heading to DC for the big day but I am a big baby. I hate the cold and I especially hate port-a-potties. For reals. But that doesn't mean I wanted to be at work.

We did get to see the inauguration at work, in the conference room on a TV with no cable so the reception was less than great. Sarah and I played around with the antenna to get a picture. What is this, 1985? (or 1995 if it was my parent's house)

The staff sat in silence during the ceremony. I tried to do my signature running commentary but no one really appreciated it so I shut up. But really, Aretha's hat deserved some sort of comment. It was AWESOME! as was our new president's speech and the entire ceremony (minus the incredibly lame Rick Warren).

after the TV viewing I came back to my office to see about 4 emails from hubby waiting for me, including:


So, great minds think alike.

I spent the rest of the afternoon unable to concentrate, despite the afternoon meeting with my boss and some minor emergency pertaining to the 80 elementary age school children visiting tomorrow.

On the ride home I shared the train with many, many people coming back from DC with their special inauguration posters, buttons and sock caps. I love me some souvenirs so I was a little jealous of the swag but then I remembered how cold it was and, again, the port-a-potties and I was OK.

We purchased some American made champagne-like sparkling white wine after work and I settled in to surf the net for pictures of Michelle's ballgown. Priorities, people.

Yay America!

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Katie said...

that was a great little insight into inauguration day at the museum! I'm glad you guys at least got to watch it. And I'm jealous that you were sort of in the action - being so close to dc and seeing all the inaugural attendees. This really is exciting. Even down in Republican Tennessee.