Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Holy S**t this has been a rough few weeks. Between the credit crisis and the election a person could get very depressed. But Crazy Aunt Purl can help you with that. So the second presidential debate is tonight, in Nashville, at Belmont University. Hey, I know where that is! Things are getting nasty so it should be interesting.

I have become more radical in my old age which actually brings me more or less in line with how I was at 19. The first election I voted in was 1992 as a freshman in college. I was so into politics I covered my car with political bumper stickers and put a Clinton sign in my dorm room. This was no easy decision considering I went to school in southern Missouri. But it also fueled my fire as I was regularly confronted with chalk writings on the campus sidewalks and notes on my car. While I have kept most of those beliefs, I stopped advertising them so much when I joined the workforce. 8 years in Nashville and I learned not to discuss politics at work (or anywhere really), and what to say if people asked you what church you belonged to or if you wanted to go to their church. I had to keep my job and get along. But it made me feel like an outcast in a strange land, Bush country, Big Red. Truthfully, Nashville is a little blue city in a big red state so there were some people who shared my beliefs (mostly they work in education, go figure?). One person I can always count on is Chad Lemons and his little blog HERE.

Well, moving to Baltimore, being close to DC and watching this country lose its way over the past few years has brought back that fire, the desire to slap some bumper stickers on my car (the same car I had in college, even better!) and tune in. As you might have seen on my shared items, I post my favorite news and political blogs daily. Those favorites include: Daily Kos , Wonkette , Mother Jones, Anonymous Liberal, Salon, Andrew Sullivan, Huffington Post and my new favorite, Women Against Sarah Palin . The craft scene hasn't disappointed either. You can see political items for sale onEtsy and Obama Craft Project. Mark has commemorated this election season by joining the ACLU and I have put my money where my politics are by switching my mobile service from AT&T to CREDO mobile. My hobby of crafting and our new interest in local food are also expressions of our politics.

Another great post about surviving the credit crisis by Rebecca Walker is here. As Crazy Aunt Purl says, you don't get your worth from stuff, and you clearly can't afford to anymore. Who needs The Man to tell you what to buy and how much to put on that credit card? Fight The Man and buy, make and give handmade! Also, if the economy completely collapses and we all have to barter with our friends and neighbors, crafting skills come in handy. To make a comfortable cardboard box house.

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