Thursday, July 10, 2008

Farm update

People have been asking about our farm share and how its working out. We love getting all the produce and we have tested many new recipes to use it all up. For a while we were getting peas, and by peas I mean like TONS of peas. I put them in omelets, stir fry, salads and mixed with any veggie we happened to eat that night. Now we seem to be well into greens. Salad greens, swiss chard, and kale. By kale I mean TONS of kale.

The salad greens are great because I take salad to work and we eat a lot of salad with dinner or for dinner. In the picture above we tossed the farm greens with NJ tomatoes from Mom and Dad and organic carrots, radishes and onions from Wegman's. So far we are keeping up with the supply. The swiss chard was enough for one meal and I found a great recipe from the Cafe Flora cookbook my brother gave me. The yummy lemon dressing also called for garlic, which we have from the farm too! I love garlic, maybe too much and refuse to use garlic powder so getting fresh garlic bulbs is awesome. The chard was so good I would definitely make it again.

Kale is another story, It's not my favorite. Mark loves it so there's something I guess. We are getting kale in large quantities, 3 bunches last trip! I had to look up recipes that I would want to eat, it took some time. I found two great options, made one last week and one this week. Last week it was Colcannon from the Vegan Yum Yum blog (which I have on my rss feed and LOVE). I used Boca meatless sausage instead of the seitan because it was easier. Didn't taste the kale really at all so it was a hit.

This week it was Kale and Sun Dried Tomato Hummus also from Vegan Yum Yum. OMG y'all! It was delicious! We ate it with the salad above and the leftovers we ate with crackers the next day. I could eat that every day.

Well, we have one bunch of kale left and its almost time to go back to the farm so I guess I need to get back to recipe hunting.

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Katie said...

Hi beth! So, I just spent time reading through all your blogs. I like this blog. So, first of all - cool bag. And kudos to you. You might remember that I also got a sewing machine for Christmas and so far I've made one thing and that's it. I seriously love the idea of old sheets. And - also - I sure loved your list of music you liked in high school. Even though I was a few years behind you - that is basically my exact same list. funny. I went to They Might be Giants & Depeche Mode concerts. I was also big into Suzanne Vega. But the Cure was huge too. So, I'm liking TN so far. But I know what you mean about Baltimore - it IS great for having visitors.
Oh, how did the BOV meetings go this year? I bet you are really looking forward to your Disney vacation in August. I now have you on my google reader so I'm excited to keep up. :-)