Monday, January 21, 2008

Hello again and Happy 2008!

So - when I started this thing I was still on the fence about blogging in general and how often I would write in particular. The reason I started, especially when I started was really because of the holiday cards and thinking about our annual letter. So, I kinda thought I might just write something every year. But, a funny thing happened with this blog, it sits there, staring at me, daring me to write. It put ideas in my head, every once in awhile like "hey, I should blog about that" or "hey, that would make a cool blog entry" and they have gotten so loud I cannot refuse.

It's also true that as an educator I began to see how this little blog could help me in my efforts towards life-long learning. A cornerstone of education is the process of reflection and connecting ideas together. This is not often done in the real world, I read things, I become interested in things but rarely do I consciously put it all together to see what it means. I began to see how this could work for me, connecting ideas by forcing me to write about them.

One thing I don't want to do is just blog endlessly about my life because really, who cares? But if I write about topics of interest even if it is sometimes personal and sometimes indulgent perhaps it will be of more value. Or not. The beauty of it all is that you can just ignore me. I won't take it personally.

I am also committed to taking more pictures for both my Flickr account and my blog. I may even scan in some old pictures. Especially the supa-cool family photos my parents recently entrusted to my care. hey, want to see a picture of my grandmother in her high school basketball uniform? Of course you do.

Look for more from me because I can't stop myself and if you have topic ideas, let me know!

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Mr. Iverson said...

Beth, It's ok to get addicted to your own blog, its not like a gambling addiction or something. Let it be self indulgent sometimes, other times write about global things. And, don't be so sure that people don't want to know about your life...sometimes reading about other peoples thoughts helps people to realize they are not crazy. You never know! Sorry it took so long to get around to your blog, I'll check in from time to time now that I am hooked.