Monday, December 10, 2007

This blog is a place for us to share what's happening in our lives with all of our wonderful family and friends across the country. It came out of our desire to find a solution to the dreaded yearly letter and the trees we kill while sending that thing out.

We were married in 1997 and together we have lived in MO, NJ, TN and now MD. I have also lived in AZ, WA and MI while Mark grew up in IA. We find it hard to settle down.

Meet the Family:

Mark: Hates these holiday letters and refuses to take part so I will say whatever I want. He has a blog where he showcases his latest work and sometimes designs for family and friends (this year it was the invitation and “logo” for his brother’s wedding). Visit him at He has a passion for politics and comics so don’t get him started on either topic (unless you love a good debate). He still works at Towson University in the Community Arts Center. He loves being back in the art world after so many years in the history field. Mark just finished teaching his first course on sequential art to middle and high school students. He has also set a goal for himself to become active again in the comics world. He started in TN becoming an active member of the IndieSpinnerRack podcast forum and this past year we took advantage of our new location on the East Coast to visit comic book and small press conventions in New York, Baltimore and Bethesda. He is also quite excited to live in a city that has a comic book museum, the Geppi Entertainment Museum and could spend hours there looking at the original drawings. Oh – and he does not eat meat or dairy.

Me: I am also excited to be settled in an urban environment with mass transit, walkable neighborhoods and culture. As a museum junkie (hey, that’s how I make a livin’) I have seen most of Baltimore’s this year. I love ducking into the Walters Art Museum after work (its FREE) but my favorite so far is the American Visionary Art Museum. My passion for outsider/folk art began after visiting the American Folk Art Museum in NYC and if I ever have money to spare I would totally collect folk art. Currently, I am obsessed with the handmade movement. As a craftster myself I appreciate something handmade but in addition to that it is eco-friendly and supports local businesses. Becoming more informed about the origins of your purchases only makes sense in this global economy. That goes for food too. I haven’t eaten meat since 1995 but I am hopelessly addicted to dairy products of all kinds (that includes you, Ben & Jerry).

Mr. Boo – Named after Boo Radley of To Kill a Mockingbird fame he lives up to his name by being a little gruff but very sweet if you get to know him. (It’s only a coincidence that Boo has become slang for boyfriend, we think) He is our 14 year old cat we found while we were still dating but because he first lived with me he has never “warmed up” to Mark. Then of course he has a memory like an elephant so when he escaped years ago and Mark had to rescue him by grabbing his tail their relationship took a turn for the worse. Now he just sleeps all the time and tries to avoid both Mark and Gimpy.

Gimpy: She came to us as an injured kitten and was given the name because of her amputated tail. She deceived us all by being super sweet while sick but once recovered we realized we share a home with the devil. Being middle-aged hasn’t mellowed her a bit, but lucky for her; Mark has developed an unnatural attachment - so she stays. They are two peas in a pod and on Mark’s behalf she often stalks and beats poor Mr. Boo. Mark, of course, does not condone such behavior but she is unstoppable.

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Chad said...

I am a fan of Gimpy. (That Boo never liked me either.)